Our boarding kennels offer a relaxed but professional atmosphere for your dog, with kennels where your dog will really feel at home.

All our kennels are generously sized and can accommodate two or more dogs, so families do not have to be split up. We have totally indoor kennels, all heated with fans to keep the air fresh and clean, or kennels with heated indoor sleeping areas and covered sheltered outdoor runs for dogs that like a little more of the outdoors.

Dog Kennels

Trial Days

For those dogs which have never been in kennels before we recommend you bring them in for a trial day prior to a long stay as this will help your pet settle for when you leave them for a longer period.

We can arrange a number of sessions starting from a few hours to overnight stays to ensure your dog gets used to the environment & the routine- please contact us to discuss.

One of our guests relaxing in the sunshine


Your dog will be walked and exercised regularly each day in our paddock & secure exercise areas.

All dogs are exercised a minimum of 4 times a day to ensure they have a varied routine & keep your dog happy & healthy.

All guests enjoy varied exercise routines & playtime as standard


We stock a range of different foods which are included in the price. As we are not able to stock every brand, we encourage customers to bring in their pet’s own food if possible as a sudden change in diet can cause illness with dogs. It also helps to sett le the dog by keeping the food the same as at home.

We will follow your feeding instructions/routine that you have at home which helps to keep your dog happy & in a regular feeding pattern.

Special Diets Catered For

Love & Attention

We regularly spend time with all of the pets staying with us so we can get to know your pet & to keep them happy whilst you are away. When you bring your pet in for boarding we will spend some time with you to discuss your pet’s individual needs- their likes and dislikes, behaviour, feeding etc. to ensure we can give them the best care in your absence.

Please bring any of your pet’s favourite toys along so we are able to play with them. You can also bring some of your pets favourite bedding as this can also help them to settle, however bedding is provided within the price.

Our experienced, caring staff will provide plenty of love & attention for your pet


It goes without saying that hygiene is of utmost importance and all kennels are thoroughly disinfected every day. Between boarders each unit undergoes a special deep cleaning treatment using one of the highest-grade Defra approved disinfectant products.


Any medications or food additives are accurately administered as per your instructions - please note that there may be an additional charge for administering medication. This will be discussed & agreed at the time of boarding as this depends how much time is taken to administer the medication & any extra time taken to care for your pet.